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An arm and a leg for an iPhone?

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OK, lets start with the obvious: We all love our iPhones! Maybe a better question is, is it worth the money?

There is no simple answer to that other than “it depends.” No doubt it is a great and incredibly useful (oh, and did I mention fun?) gadget. So if you are into that sort of thing and don’t care much about cost, yeah, it is worth every penny.

Now for the rest of us, the average mobile phone user, and the on-the-run business man, the iPhone warrants a few more thoughts before shelling out the dough, especially in these not so rosy economic times.

The math on the iPhone is staggering. Sure, Apple has dropped their prices, but how important is that really? AT&T requires you to sign a two year service agreement with a hefty fine should you decide to opt out early. This is where you will spend the real money. It is somewhat like buying a boat, the price tag for the thing is a shocker, but little compared to keeping it running.

Lets face it, hardly anyone I talked to has much good to say about AT&T. To me they appear like a 200 pound gorilla (no offense to the actual apes) clinging on to an outdated business model with dear life. More bars in more places comes with a mind boggling price tag and every little thing, a lot of other mobile phone providers offer for free, costs just a little extra… Lets nickel and dime our customers to death. Why you ask? Simple, because we can! I am paying on average $160/month for a two-year total of $3840, with tax. So if that sort of thing doesn’t turn you off, go ahead and sign up right away!

Apple always shows great execution when it comes to introducing and marketing new products and most, if not all, of their designs are first class. Sometimes they aren’t perfect, but usually they represent a step in the right direction. However, my first Motorola RAZR could record video and send MMS when it came out many years ago and has reliably done so ever since. The iPhone well… just caught up?
Then there is the ever so popular topic of battery life. While I have read just about all I can stand to read about it, and certainly understand the technical implications, I would like to offer you an interesting thought on that topic: Apple’s own website states that battery capacity will “naturally” decrease after 300-400 charging cycles. With normal use (I mean without turning off all the features that make the iPhone an iPhone) you will need roughly one charging cycle per day. You do the math, one charge per day, 365 days per year, warranty expires after one year, then you have to pay Apple about $85 (huh?) to get the battery replaced… I think you are getting the idea?

But I still want an iPhone you say? OK, here is a thought: Buy an unlocked iPhone at your trusty Internet retailer. It will set you back around $800, but then you are free to use it with any carrier you choose; however, you get to keep both, your arms and legs.

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  1. My current phone plan only costs me $30/mo and I can make CALLS. Come on, it is a phone in the end. it is to make calls.

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