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How to Best Convert PDF to ePub for iBooks

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iBooks is a simple, cluster free ebook reader from Apple, which makes reading an ebook book a pleasure. Books you purchased from Apple’s iBooks Store are automatically added to the bookshelf of iBooks. These books are in ePub format, a free and open e-book standard used on nearly all popular ebook readers. You can use iBooks as an ebook reader for books in PDF format but the user experience isn’t the same; you can’t adjust the font size or change to a different font. This makes books in PDF format appear a bit more formal than the ones in ePub format.

ePub format in iBooks

I’ve been long looking for a good app to convert my PDF books to ePub format; I’ve tried a few and they all suck. Finally I learned the truth. PDF documents aren’t made for converting, but made for printing. Therefore there aren’t automated tools that can converter them to ePub format flawlessly.

If you really want your ebooks to be in ePub format, here are a few options.

  • You can try to convert a PDF to ePub using Calibre, a free and open source e-book application that converts a PDF to ePub using OCR. However don’t expect the result to be perfect.
  • Get the ePub version of your eBook. A lot publishers offer their ebooks in ePub format in addition to PDF with no additional cost.
  • You may also just want to keep your ebooks in PDF the way it is. iBooks can display PDF documents nicely and most of the time the PDF looks better than a badly converted ePub.

Please let me know if you’ve found a better way converting a PDF to ePub.

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