Best SEO Services & Tools For Mac And PC (Part 2)

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Competitive Research Tools

“…don’t try to reinvent the wheel”.

If you’re mostly doing SEM and manage a lot of AdWords campaigns, you should seriously look into competitive research intelligent tools. These tools can help you gain a deeper insight into the linking and Adwords strategies of your competitors. If your competitors are ranking better than you, they must be doing something that has worked. Instead of wildly guessing and trying to compete blindly, you can simply “spy” on your competitors and see how they have managed their SEO. Competitive research tools help you uncover the competitive landscape by finding out what your competitors’ PPC and organic campaign strategies are. There are mainly two kinds of SEO competitive research tools: Keywords competitive research tools and link analysis tools.

Keyword Competitive Research – Spy on your competitor’s keywords

The best SEO service that does a fantastic job on learning every detail about your competitors is SMERush. SEMRush is basically the V2.0 of the old SEODigger. It was created by the same company that developed SEOquake.

One thing that makes the SEMRush my favorite, and what makes it distinct itself from other keyword competitive research tools, is that SEMRush provides you with a very detailed and useful report to give you a clear understanding of what keywords your competitors use for both organic and Adwords marketing.

Simply enter a domain in the search bar and click the “Search” button. Instantly you can find out what keywords your competitors are paying for through Google Adwords, the costs and their ad postions, how much traffic each keyword brings every month, and the estimated cost of each visit for each keyword from Google SERP.

Ads Keywords report

Here are top 5 features of SEMRush.

  1. Discover which keywords cause a domain to rank in Google’s TOP 20.
  2. Adwords keywords report shows you what keywords your competitors buy, and their rankings.
  3. Get a list of competitors using the same terms in AdWords and the cost for each keyword.
    You can also find out the common keywords used by both your domain and your competitors in organic search.
  4. Find the best keywords for AdWords campaigns by uncovering the terms your competitors are using.
  5. Collect a list of best keywords for site optimization and a list of related keywords for your content.

These are just a small fraction of what SEMRush can do. I recommend you explore additional SEMRush features at your leisure.

The second type of competitive research tool allows you uncover the back linking strategies your competitors are using. Find out who their linking partners are and which websites they get links from. Though there are many link analysis tools you can choose from, my favorites are Market Samurai, and Raven.

Market Samurai actually has a built in competitive research module which you can use to analyze the back links of your competitors.  You can use it to check your rankings and examine back links of a specific url or domain. If you want to dig deeper you can also use it to check the PageRank and anchor text of the back linking website. For most people, the results Market Samurai provides are sufficient. However, if you want to have total control of your SEO and social media marketing campaigns from one central location you can use Raven, an all-in-one SEO and social media marketing platform.
Raven Tools SEO Tools
I recently started using Raven to do my Internet Marketing. To be honest, I am so impressed with Raven’s capabilities that I’m considering cancelling some other SEO services I subscribed to. Raven pulls and aggregates data from multiple sources (SEMRush, SEOmoz, Majestic SEO, Wordtracker…) so you can analyze it all from one central location. No need to pay for separate services anymore. You can use most of the SEO services within Raven. For keyword research, Raven integrates WordTracker and  Google AdWords tools. For link builders, Raven offers Backlink Explorer and Site Finder tools powered by MajesticSEO and SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer. Raven is the most advanced and complete Internet Marketing toolsets I have ever found. Raven’s powerful real-time Social Stream tool allows to you monitor and participate in social conversations as they happen. Raven integrates your Google AdWords campaign data and your Google Analytics data so it’s easier for you to compare your paid advertising with your organic SEO results. Raven’s buit in content management tool automatically measures the frequency, density and relevance of the SEO keywords you’re trying to emphasize in your copy and automatically determines the age and grade level at which you’re writing. You can publish your content directly within Raven to your blog. For any serious Internet marketers or SEO professionals, Raven is a superb and comprehensive Internet marketing platform. Click here to explore Reven yourself.

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