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Best SEO Services & Tools For Mac And PC (Part 1)

In SEO, Wordpress by Michael Allen2 Comments

Like many web developers, I love Macs, too.  It’s a lot easier for me to write and test web applications on Macs than on other kinds of computers. However, when it comes to the SEO world, the majority of Internet marketers would prefer using a PC. This is due to the simple fact that there aren’t as many good SEO tools for Mac as there are for the PC. Many Internet marketers who own Apple computers have to install Windows on top of their Mac OS in order to run their best SEO tools. As more SEO companies are moving towards cloud computing and more standalone applications are becoming web-based services, the claim “Mac is not good at SEO” holds less true today than in the past. As a search engine optimization strategist, I have been doing SEO work using a Mac for years now. As a counter argument to my colleagues’s claim “…for SEO, you need a PC.”, I decided to write a 3 part blog posts highlighting some of best SEO services and best SEO tools I use daily to get my job done. As you will see, you can do SEO equally well on a Mac as you can on a PC. It’s all about choosing the right SEO tools or services and how to best use them. In part 1, we will take a look at keyword research tools and SEO competitive research tools.