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Combine Videos On Mac Using QuickTime Player

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I recently needed to (combine / join / merge)  24 separate video clips. This seemingly easy task turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I tried several paid Apps and wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the final video.

After doing some research, I found out that the best video merger app is actually right under my nose – QuickTime Player. It is free, easy to use and produces videos in superb quality. Here I will show you how you can merge videos, movies clips using QuickTime Player.

QuickTime Player Exporting Videos

  1. On your Mac, launch the QuickTime Player located in the “Application” folder.
  2. Open the first video clip using QuickTime Player. A QuickTime Player window opens.re-arrange video clips
  3. Select the rest of the videos clips, drag and drop them onto the open QuickTime Player window.
  4. You will see all the video clips are arranged at the bottom of the QuickTime Player window.
  5. You can re-arrange video clips by dragging each clip to the left or right.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the order of all video clips, choose “File->Export” to save all the opening video clips as one.

Image Credit: Johan Bichel Lindegaard


  1. Amazing – thank you so much! So easy once you gave instructions, not intuitive on the QTP initially

  2. doesn’t work…keep getting message: The operation could not be completed An unknown error occurred (-12780)
    Most people’s computer get his message don’t waste your time

  3. It seems to work, but the screen goes black as soon as I drop the second file (mp4) in, audio works fine, but…

  4. We thought that it was not working anymore but I missed a step even though we read it 3 times. Thanks.
    Now we can record with QuickTime, restart and continue to record in great quality then merge them.
    Before, we would record with a shaky iPad and iPhone.

  5. Does it work with any format? I’m trying with mp4 files, but when I drop the files on the player window nothing happens

    1. I just did it with mp4 files and it worked. I did have to drag the other video files down to the pop-up menu bar that appears over the video to play, stop, rewind, etc. Then then I saw where I can place the added video.

  6. can you combine vertical and horizontal clips without one of them being cropped?

  7. Just followed your instructions. The drop-menu language was a little different in my version, but it was as simple as it could be. SO HELPFUL — thank you!

  8. Thank you so much! I was having such a hard time merging vids when the answer was right there on my screen!

  9. easy to join the videos but it cuts have of the side off. When I look at them singly no issues but after having joined them, they have the right hand side practically cut off. Why?

    1. I get the same on my OS X. The last 10 seconds of the last video is blank while the audio plays.

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