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Safari 1×1 pixels Error Fixed

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Today, When I was logging onto my Google adwords account. I got an “1×1 pixels” error. The page loaded normally in Firefox and Google Chrome except Safari.

How to fix Safari 1x1 pixels problem

Here is how you can fix this problem. This worked on Safari 4.0.4. on OS X Snow leopard Right click on the web page and you should see the menu like in the picture. Choose “Disable Safari AdBlocker” and then reload the page. This should fix the “1×1 pixels problem”.

Apple Safari 1x1 pixels

Image Credit: Antonio Tajuelo


  1. Thanks, that’s very nice, I have this stupid error, and this is completely resolve my problem.

  2. been struggling with this one for a while and tried different suggestions, some bizarre, nothing worked, but you really nailed it! I never suspected of this Adblocker sucker… Many thanks guys

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