Get to Know the New HideMyAss iOS App

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Since the recent revelation of NSA spying, the number of people seeking solutions to enhance their online privacy and security has dramatically grown. Seeing it as an opportunity to attract more customers, many VPN providers are now offering mobile apps that can be easily installed and set up on iPhone or iPad, making securing and encrypting the internet connection on your mobile devices so easy as never before.

HideMyAss, the largest personal VPN provider, has just launched its HMA! Pro VPN iOS app which helps smooth the setup of the HMA VPN on iPhone or iPad. Below is our hands-on experience with the newly launched HMA! Pro VPN iOS App.


To use the HMA! Pro VPN iOS app, you need two things. First, you need an iPhone with iOS 5 or later installed on it. Second, you need a HMA! Pro VPN subscription from Hide My Ass. If you currently don’t have a subscription, you can easily create one within the app; however there is a catch. The prices for the HMA subscription in the app are more expensive than the prices listed on HideMyAss’s website. I assume this pricing difference is caused by the high payment processing fees charged by Apple. It will cost you more if you purchase the HMA! Pro VPN subscription directly within the app, on the other hand, you can get the exact same subscription but a cheaper price on

How it Works

Once you have the HMA! Pro VPN app installed on your iPhone or iPad, it assists you with setting up a HideMyAss ProVPN profile on your device. A HideMyAss ProVPN profile is essentially a VPN configuration that has the correct settings for you to connect to the HMA VPN servers,  eliminating the process of setting it up manually which could be daunting if you’re new to VPNs or iOS. However, the app itself won’t automatically connect you to a VPN server, you need to use the VPN function built-into iOS to connect or disconnect from a VPN server. Here is a walk-through of how to install and set up HMA! Pro VPN on your iOS devices.

    1. Install HMA! Pro VPN from App Store

      On your iPhone or iPad, open “App Store” and search “hma! pro vpn”. Once you have found the app, click “Install” You might have to enter your Apple ID and password to complete this step.
      search for  hma! pro vpn at App-Store

  1. HMA! Pro VPN account

    Launch the newly installed HMA Pro app, and login using the username and password of your HMA VPN subscription. If you don’t have a HMA VPN subscription, click here to easily create an accountLogin to HMA! pro vpn account on iphone or ipad

  2. Install HMA! Pro VPN Profile

    Once you have logged into your HMA account within the app, you will be asked to install a HMA! VPN profile. Under “VPN service profile”, choose the VPN server location and protocol type (PPTP or L2TP). Generally speaking, L2TP is more secure than PPTP. Follow the on-screen instruction and complete the VPN profile installation.
    Install hidemyass pro vpn profile on iPhone or iPadHMA pro VPN profile installation

  3. Turn the VPN On

    The HMA! Pro VPN iOS app only configures a VPN profile on your iOS device. To secure your Internet connection with the VPN you must use iOS’s VPN functionality to connect and disconnect from the VPN. Here is how to turn on the VPN in iOS7.
    Go to “Settings” > “VPN” then turn on the “VPN” switch. Under “Choose a configuration”, make sure the “HideMyAss ProVPN” is selected.
    iPhone SettingsVPN settings on iPhone


HMA! Pro VPN app walks you through setting up the HMA VPN on your iOS devices quickly and correctly. What the HMA app ultimate does is installing a VPN profile on your device which you can use to connect to the HMA VPN service. However, there are a couple of things you should know:

  1. You still need to use the built-in function in iOS to switch the VPN connection on or off.
  2. There can be only one HMA ProVPN profile installed. If you install a new profile connecting to a different VPN account or connecting to a different location, you old profile will be overwritten. Setting it up manually does not have this limitation.
  3. Though you can conveniently purchase a VPN subscription within the HMA! Pro VPN app, it is more expensive than purchasing it from the hidemyass website, which is cheaper.
  4. Image Credit: David Sedlmayer

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