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Send Attachments on iPhone or iPad

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If you want to send attachment eg: a photo on your iPhone or iPad, you would usually have to find that picture in your phone library fist, then choose “Email Photo”. Then a new Email message will be created and the photo you want to send is nicely attached to it.
What if you want to add attachment (eg: a photo) to the Email message you’re editing? Say that your friend sent you a picture of her dog and you wanted to attach a picture of your dog to the reply Email. There is no “Attach” button  in the “Mail”. Here is a way I found that essentially allows you to send attachments from “Mail” on your iPhone

Add Attachment Using “Copy” & “Paste”

  1. Compose your Email message as usual, when you need to attach a photo
  2. Switch to “Photos”, find the photo you want to add as attachment
  3. Tab on the photo and hold until you see “Copy”, click on “Copy”add attachment to email on iPhone or iPad
  4. Go back to your exiting mail message, at the place where you want to the photo to appear, tab->hold-> choose “Paste” send attachment on iPhone/iPad

You should be able to attach videos using this method as well though I have not tried it myself.

Alternatively, you can use Group Email. With Group Email! you can send email with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to custom distribution lists. You can optionally attach photos, videos, documents, locations information with map and address, audio clips, pasteboard content and contacts information (vCard or text).

There you go folks. Hope you like this quick tip on how to send attachment from your iPhone or iPad. Let me know what your guys think and what cool tips you have.


  1. Ha ha – it is 2018 – and I am so sick of all the modern crap I have, I am back to using my old iPad1. The battery still holds a good charge, the screen is BIG and the device made out of METAL instead of crappy plastic. It is so much nicer than all the modern stuff I have. I had forgotten how to attach pics to email messages, and this note made it clear – Write your email note, don’t close it, just press the front main button to get the main icon page, click on the sunflower icon to jump to Photos, find your pic, press on it until COPY appears, and then press the Copy, jump back to your email message using the front button, click on it, press paste, and the image appears at screen bottom below your email message. Easy-peasy… I have hacked my iPad 1 with “redsn0w”, and I run it as a little Linux tablet. It has sshd and ssl, and I can scp files back and forth with great ease from my Windows and Linux boxes. Apple should build a statue of “Saurik” (aka Jay Freeman) in front of their offices. The “Cydia” software for hacked iPads is the greatest thing since the IBM P/C. Apple tried to keep it locked down and limited. Freeman fixed that and let the iPad be unlocked – and probably saved Apple from a 10 billion US-dollar anti-trust fine. Freeman is a great man – as important as Steve Jobs. Apple Macbooks with the modern OSX is an annoying, locked-down pile of crapware. I just built a CentOS-7.4 Linux box, running on an old HP with a Core-i3 (4 processor chipset), and it works just great. I hope to leave modern Apple and Microsoft behind. But the ergonomics and operational ease of the old iPad-1 just keeps me using the damn thing. If it every dies, I will be sad. It’s one of the best damn pieces of technology the USA never made. (It was designed in USA, but fab’ed in China, of course). But it’s the M1-Garand of tablets. Yes, it is old. And yes, it works just *fine*. Amazing. And thanks to the Cydia hacks, I can program the hell out of it, and still run email and do some web-browsing. I put the Lynx text-based web-browser on the thing, for when the old Safari kacks on the modern toxic websites with all their tracking scriptware. I actually compiled the Lynx browser right on the iPad, using the Cydia gcc, and then Saurik’s wonderful piece of code to get around the “Kill-9” thing that tries to suppress anything that Apple has not provided. It means you can use the iPad to do anything. I have APL and Python on it. It has limited memory, but once the Apple restrictions are removed, it can do real work – just a bit more slowly. Anyway, thanx for posting this, back in 2011. Accurate info is both useful, and timeless.

  2. This has been updated. In iOS 7 and later you can hold down on the screen to get the Cut, Copy and Paste options in the email. When replying to an email there will be an additional option to insert an attachment.

  3. You can do this from the photo roll. Tap the arrow icon in the bottom right and then selct up to 5 photos you want to email. Then tap share>email and hey presto it attaches photos to a blank email in the photoroll app.

  4. Thank you. I was really getting so frustrated with my ipad.
    At least yougave a real suggestionto get around someof the problems I was facing (such as scanning a doc with eprint but being unable to send the damn doc per e-mail).
    Now I see i can copy the pdf and paste it on the email.


  5. Theres really no reason to not let people search and attach one or more files for a new email being drafted or when replying to anothers email. This is a big FAIL on Apples behalf. And wrt to the comment about wanting the iPad to act like a computer, I’ll just say my other phones have been able to do this for years.

  6. I tried this copy and paste but does not work
    Sure you can copy, but when you return to e.mail it does not allow copy, only select or select all.
    Also you cannot copy and paste documents.
    iPad is begging to frustrate me without the basic tasks
    Is there no fix for io5
    A nd why cant you access files, or find where downloads go?

  7. Great! simple! – yet wonder why apple would not have an attachment button to select all those file we can send anyway when going to their respective apps…

  8. I know this is going to be silly but where’s the tab button on the iPad? Thanks

  9. I agree with a lot of the comments here BUT, arent we expecting the iPad to be a laptop ? That isnt why we bought one is it ?

    Yes there are niggles, yes its not a wonder product that does it all, but its excellent at what it does do !

  10. Thanks for the tips!! was getting frustrated sending few mails to the same recipient.
    So this way is better, still need a bit works tho, if sent 5 photos need to press home button 10x to switch email to photos album and back to email. Expected apple will come up with multiple attachment apps soon and free for sure….

  11. Well, I tried to attach photo like what you said but I cannot paste it on my email. The paste button did not appear when I tab and hold. Instead select / select all button appear. I think iPad is useless. Wasting time trying to email attachments. Do you think other tablets like samsung tablet or motorola is more user friendly ?

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