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How to Download Video Instead of Playing It in Browser

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Ever wondering how to save a video on your computer instead of viewing it within the browser? In this example, I will show you how to use Google Chrome and wget to download a web embedded video onto your computer. As a show case, we will download the video from this web page:

  1. First open a new tab in Google Chrome, then open the “Developer Tools” as shown in the following image

    You should see the “Developer Tools” Window like the following:
    Make sure the “Network” tab is selected in the “Google Chrome Developer Tools” Window
  2. Now we will load the web page which contains the embedded video you are planning to download in the newly opened the tab. Then start playing the video. In the Google Chrome Developer Window you should see a list of files being “captured” as shown in the picture below.
    Click “Size” column once to sort the list by size and you should see the video file you want to download at the bottom and its file size keeps going. Now you need to right click this file and choose “Copy Link Address”
  3. Open Terminal
    Open Terminal on MacType: wget paste-the-url-from-copy-link-address-here
    In my case, it would be:

    [Note: you will need to add “\” before every “&” (use the arrow keys to move the cursor in terminal)]


Image Credit: Vincent Diamante


  1. can i also download copyrighted video by this method as they say that will take strict legal action if the track me downloading those videos
    plz tell its very very urgent

  2. Thanks for the guide, really helpful. I used to save online videos to my computer with Acethinker Video Downloader, free and works fairly well. Share it here as an alternative method.

  3. Brilliant! This will grab those hard to get videos and seems to be pretty dependable.


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