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Open Current Folder in Terminal

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Launch Terminal at Current Folder

There are times you want to open Terminal and have it go directly to the folder you’re working at. For instance, you just downloaded a WordPress theme and unzip it to a folder called “twentyeleven”. Now you want to open Terminal at this folder – Launch Terminal and have set path as twentyeleven. You could do this manually. First go to utilities->Terminal. Second, cd path-to-twentyeleven. If you are using Lion, there is a much easier way to accomplish this.

“New Terminal at Folder” in Lion

In Lion, you can setup keyboard shortcuts for “New Terminal at Folder” and “New Terminal Tab at Folder” services. With this setup, it becomes extremely convenient when you want to open a folder in Terminal. Here is a step by step instruction:

  1. Go to System Preferences->keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts
    New Terminal at Folder

  2. On the left side panel, choose “Services”, on the right panel, check either “New Terminal at Folder” or “New Terminal Tab at Folder”. If you like, you can enable both and figure shortcut for each. Because I like to group all my opened Terminal windows using tabs, I mostly just use “New Terminal Tab at Folder” and configure “ctrl+cmd+t” as its shortcut. This will keep my work-area less cluttered.enable open terminal Tab at Folder adeepbite.com
  3. Now, let’s test our setup. Choose a folder you want to open in Terminal, use the keyboard shortcut you configured in the last step, in my case, it is “ctrl+cmd+t”. The Terminal window should open at your current folder. If you prefer not to use keyboard shortcut, you can right click on the folder, in the context menu, choose Services->”New Terminal at Folder” or “New Terminal Tab at Folder”


  1. Do not work for me.. nothing happens after pressing ctrl+cmd+t (have the same setup like you) :/

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