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How-To Fix Vertical Line on Macbook Air Screen

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Yesterday I suddenly discovered a vertical line on my Macbook Air screen towards the left side of the display. The red, one pixel line simply showed up when I opened the laptop while traveling in the morning…

I tried a couple fixes, some people even suggested the problem is caused by hardware failure. Fortunately the solution was quite simple, resetting the PRAM. Simply restart your computer while holding Command+Option+R+P simultaneously BEFORE the grey screen appears and UNTIL you hear an additional chime, release and voila, no more line.

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  1. is there a PERMANENT FIX for removing the wide vertical line from MACBookAirs Screen? RREPEATING THE DIRECTIONS MULTIPLE TIMES IS NOT THE ANSWER.


  2. Hi…even my macbook pro display has the same have used everything but still doesn’t fix the problem…please tell me to solve this problem.

  3. Cheers. It worked. I saw it then immediately wanted to fix it so i tried this once and its gone now.
    I have a macbook pro with MACOS HIGH SIERRA 10.13.6. i just restarted it and immediately pressed command + option + r + p straight after for like maybe 3 seconds then let go. The line started glitching then went away.

  4. I am trying the procedure described above but for some reason I am not getting any chimes. I am doing this for the problem : multiple thin vertical lines on the left side of the screen on Mac book air, software: Sierra. Any suggestions?

  5. Yeahhh !!

    cmd + Option + R + P worked for me with High Sierra and MBP late 2011

    Thank you very much to OP

    1. Hi…even my macbook pro display has the same have everything but still doesn’t fix the problem…please tell me to solve this problem.

  6. My MacBook Air has a thick white line down the middle of the screen.. I’ve tried everything in the comments and nothing has worked. Its turned it on and white line doesnt go away. Help?

    1. I have the exact same problem. Were you able to fix it? Could you share how you did? Thank you!!

    2. same with me. tried everything mentioned in comments. blue line is still there. checked with others. they say screen has to be replaced.

  7. My McAir Book turns on when you lift the cover so its a challenge to press all 4 keys quick enough. I will keep trying…

  8. Your fixes just didn’t solve it at all. I tried every possible thing listed out in here.

  9. I tried the command+option+r+p on my MacBook Air and it worked to get rid of the hello line. I’m glad I looked up solutions before purchasing a new one just saved 1,000.00 dollars thank you.

  10. After spending hours searching, praying and experimenting with so many options, yours worked first time.
    Thank you so much. I think you saved me a fortune in technician fees.

  11. I’m facing similar problem while working on some file suddenly this line appeared and cmd+alt+r+p isn’t working tried several times. Don’t know what to do.

    1. Hello, my MacBook Air has a grey screen with a black line down the middle and 2x thin blue lines on right sides and 1x same blue thin line the left screen. Tried cmd+option+R+P but not working.

      1. Did you find another solution. I have the same problem and this solution doesn’t work.

  12. Hi, the line in my computer is yellow. I tried com+op+p+r and now the line is thinner. Should I try it more times?

    1. Close all your tabs and then try. Worked the very first time for me

  13. I had the same problem with my macbook air i dont know what to do??
    please sugges me something
    Also tried this but still the verticallines persist

  14. It didn’t work for me either …This started after upgrade to 10.12.6

  15. Running the Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. The single vertical line just appears on the MacBook Pro (mid-2014). I did all the multiples. (Press command option P R). But it doesn’t work. What should I do. ???? . Plus: I changed my screen 18-Nov last year. But it just have 3 months to have free repairs
    Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

  16. This worked beautifully for me. Line is gone after one try. Now if it only stays gone – feeling optimistic. Thank you for your advise.

  17. I am having this problem. I am using Macbook pro and running sierra OS….which buttons do I press?

  18. MBP 2010: For myself, I tried reset SMC and PRAM a week and multiple times, and I had to leave it as is because there was no change. I also tried a youtube lcd fixer, by zooming to whole screen, the line become bit thick and solid red. I was worried that if it can grow more, thats why i leaved it. But I still atleast try once SMC reset by following correct instruction again, and PRAM reset for 4 plus sounds. I tired then color that don’t show the line, since only visible on some colors. I had three issues started together, 1) getting too warm, 2) reboot, 3) red line. I researched to fix reboot was caused by graphics card, there was an excelant utility gfxChanger that resolved issue somehow, by manually selecting GPU. It resolve both extra hot, reboot. For the red line, I decided to put white background since color was not visible on it, then after whole, changed it color black solid color, for a day, I noticed then it was getting very thin and quite transparent, that I could not mind it stay like that. And more importantly it was also not visible on black, where it show red prior, so both white and black were now good. only dark gray and some other colors were showing off. I decided to remain same setup with white and black, and some how that red/ line just disappeared, i could not believe my eyes, it is not there.

  19. I have the same problem but my line is green as i think not red, the problem begun when external sound of my macbook pro became very bad and not clear then I had recovery of my mac and update it to Sierra but all of these doesn’t work with me and I have shocked when I saw that green light too., please help me I don’t know what I shall do???

  20. Thank you very much, it worked for me.
    OS: Sierra (cntrl + option + r + p)

      1. You need to press these keys when the computer is shut down (OFF). You need to hold these keys down until you hear the startup sound 2 times, then you can let go.

    1. Me too what should I do it just said files and print please help I think because I put too much pressure on the screen how can I fix ASAP at home

  21. It didn’t work for me! I tried it like 10 times and I did a hardware test that showed no results. My line is red and not black so it seems the pixels aren’t dead.

    1. Author

      The key located between the “command” and “control” keys on your keyboard is the option key. On my keyboard it actually says “Option” on it 😉 It may also say “alt” on it.

  22. cmd+shift+r+p decreased the size of the line, but didnʻt get rid of it.

  23. Tried command +opt+r+p after pressing power on but didn’t worked for me.please suggest

  24. “Command+Option+r+p” as soon as I pressed power on my Macbook Pro (after having shut down) is what worked for me!

  25. Hi there…i have done and followed all of the above but still i have a vertical red line on the right side of the screen….. any help would be much appreciated

    1. Author

      Hi Simon,

      Sorry to hear that this is still a problem for you. I remember having to do this several times before that annoying line was finally gone. Other users have experienced the same…

      If you still can’t get rid of the red line it could be faulty hardware. I’d run a hardware test to see what comes up. Your last resort is Apple support. The Genius Bar is free, so if you live close enough to an Apple store I would definitely give that a try. Their Geniuses can also steer you towards the best repair option if that should become necessary.

      Good luck!

      1. i put in the original boot CD disk and restarted and this fixed the problem after a few tries

  26. u have to hold cmd option+ r+ p hold for multiple chimes not just once i did it for 4 chimes and it fixed my vertical line problem problem

  27. cmd + shift + R + P brings you to OS X Utilities, which was NOT what I needed. cmd + option + R + P did bring multiple chimes, but didn’t solve my vertical lines problem. 🙁

    1. Author

      Hi Isabella and thank you for stopping by. Sorry to hear the solution didn’t fix your problem. You are correct; you need to press cmd+option+R+P to reset the PRAM. This simple fix can resolve most issues but not all.

      I hope you’ll find a solution. If you do, it would be great if you let us know what finally solved the problem!

  28. Author

    You are correct, Command+Option+R+P resets the PRAM, and I have updated the post to reflect that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  29. No – on my MacAir with OSX 10.9.4 its: cmd+alt+R+P. The screen then goes black and the machine restarts – until one releases these keys.

    Unfortunately, it does not help against the “vertical lines(s) problem”.

    1. Author

      Hi Bob!

      I am really sorry to see that this fix didn’t work for you. I was running the same OS version on a 2010 MBA when the problem occurred and the solution described above completely fixed whatever was wrong 😉

      Let us know how you finally fixed the problem, so we can amend this post!

      Good luck!

  30. should’nt it read “press cmd+shift+R+P” instead of “press ctrl+shift+R+P”?

      1. Hey i did not do anything
        I just left couple of days aside and didn t use the device at all
        Appearently liquid that was inside just dissapeared.

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