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Windows “Show Desktop” on Mac

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In windows you can click “show desktop icon” on the task bar to hide all the programs that are open quickly go to your desktop.

Optionally, you can press “Ctrol+D” to do the same thing. How can you do that on your mac? Here are a few alternatives:

(1). Use Exposé:

Open “System Preferences”–> “Exposé & Spaces” –>Click ” Exposé ” –> Under “Show Desktop”, choose a function key: in my case, this is F19.

(2). Use keyboard shortcut:

Hold down Command+Option then click anywhere on the desktop that is visible. (not useful when you have a lot of windows that are opened maximally)

I work both on windows and Mac so I configure “^+D” as the shortcut to show desktop on Mac.

PImage Credit: Adnan Islam

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